Specialized in the future since 1737

Van Lanschot Kempen, a union of two specialised financial boutiques, is the oldest independent financial institution in the Netherlands.

For a combined four centuries, we have dedicated our financial craftsmanship to helping our clients achieve their goals. During that time, our Dutch trading spirit has led us and our clients through a stream of changes. And through all these changes, our clients’ ambitions have also changed and developed – for both the short and the long term.

We always see our way through changing times because we embrace them as an unpredictable yet powerful constant in our work and in our lives.

    1737 - Founding of Van Lanschot

    On 22 July 1737, Cornelis van Lanschot recorded his first colonial trade purchases in his Ontfangboek (order book). And so begins the history of Van Lanschot N.V.

    Cornelis van Lanschot laid the foundations for what was to become today’s listed wealth manager. Arines Kempen stood at the cradle of Kempen & Co in 1903. Van Lanschot Kempen is therefore the Netherlands’ oldest independent financial institution.

      1711-1789 - Cornelis van Lanschot

      Cornelis van Lanschot, son of Adrianus Franciscus van Lanschot (1682-1731) and Elisabeth van den Hove (1684-1762), was born in Loon op Zand in the province of Brabant in 1711. The Van Lanschots had lived in or close to Zundert for generations, but Adrianus Franciscus was the first to try his luck elsewhere and had set up a beer-brewing business in Loon op Zand. After his death, his eldest son Lambertus took over the brewing business and went to live in Waalwijk.

      Younger son Cornelis married Henrica Cecilia Henrici, a wealthy merchant’s daughter from Venlo, and they moved to 's-Hertogenbosch. Shortly after becoming a registered citizen in July 1737, Cornelis was accepted into the guild of merchants and tinsmiths. He became a specialist wholesaler and retailer in colonial goods, which he bought from the Dutch East India Company.

      In 1744, Cornelis moved his business to the premises called 'De Gulden Ketel' on the central market, and many generations of Van Lanschots would ply their trade from this and the adjoining buildings 'De Hemel' and 'Het Lam'. Cornelis invested all profits from the company and the inheritance from his wife’s family land and properties. In 1767, he stepped down to make way for his son Godefridus and moved to Antwerp. He died in 1789.

        1995 - Opening Zurich office

        Van Lanschot Switzerland was founded in 1995, starting with an office in Zurich. With its Swiss banking license and Dutch roots, Van Lanschot Switzerland soon became the wealth manager of many internationally focussed Dutch and Belgium individual. Until today, visiting the beautiful art deco building on the Mittelstrasse in Zurich, just a stone’s throw away from the shores of lake Zurich, feels like coming home away from home.

          1996 - Opening Geneva Office

          One year after the opening of our Zurich office, Van Lanschot Switzerland opened its second office in Geneva. In Geneva, we focus on Dutch and Belgium individuals living in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Furthermore, our Geneva office services all our other private banking clients.

            2007 - Kempen & Co

            Van Lanschot acquired Kempen & Co (2 January 2007) to bolster its position among target clients: high net worth individuals, institutional investors, businesses and entrepreneurs. Kempen & Co has retained a high level of independence within Van Lanschot and has continued to operate under its own brand Kempen & Co.

              2013 - Evi Van Lanschot

              At the end of 2013 Van Lanschot launched its online savings and investment solution Evi van Lanschot. Preserving and creating wealth is important not only to high net-worth individuals, but also to those starting out on the wealth management market. It was for this latter group that we launched Evi van Lanschot.


                In 2016 Van Lanschot acquired Staalbankiers' private banking activities. This acquisition enables us to expand our assets under management and serve even more clients. Staalbankiers enjoys strong positions in its market segments. Its specialists support wealthy private individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and institutions such as charitable organisations, which are a close fit with Van Lanschot's client groups.

                  UBS Netherlands

                  In 2017 Van Lanschot Kempen acquired UBS's domestic wealth management activities in the Netherlands. This acquisition represents a step-change in our positioning in the top-end of the wealth management market. The combination of the domestic wealth management activities of UBS with Van Lanschot Kempen's offering results in a strong and differentiated proposition for family offices, foundations and charities and ultra-high net worth private individuals.

                    Van Lanschot's rich history

                    Above you have already read a small summary of our history. Do you want to know more? Read more on the Van Lanschot Kempen corporate website.