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Why Van Lanschot Switzerland?



Emigrating is not to be taken lightly. It is a serious decision that involves many different aspects - not only for your client, but also for his surroundings. Make sure to take various factors into consideration and plan carefully. Perhaps he/she is looking for potential financial benefits, but also be aware of irrational aspects that are just as important for his or her family. Be well-informed about all the different kinds of business and tax consequences emigration entails. How are the residency plans affected by taxes? Will he, for example as a former entrepreneur, be confronted with a tax bill at the border? What does this mean for the particular situation? We can advise your clients, help them navigate unknown shores and point out possible difficulties. Over the years we have gained a lot of expertise and our large network of experts and specialists would be more than happy to share their knowledge with them. This way they will be prepared well ahead when the moving truck pulls over at their house.
International Wealth Structures

International Wealth Structures

Emigrating involves various consequences that are certainly not desired by everyone. In practice, Van Lanschot has often experienced that Switzerland is the logical point of culmination for international corporate capital structures.

After having sold your business , a company with purely liquid assets which will be invested, remains. The company's investable assets are excellently managed in Switzerland. Conditions are attached to such business transactions: It is a delicate process full of pitfalls that calls for professional expertise, attention and good assistance. Van Lanschot has a lot of experience with such projects.

Risk Diversification and Asset Protection

Risk Diversification and Asset Protection

Risk diversification and asset protection are essential for high-net-worth individuals and business people. This is also true for the jurisdiction that one chooses (is it politically stable, safe, non-EU) and the main currency that one selects for its portfolio (not just the euro or the dollar).


If your client is looking for privacy, then Switzerland is the right place. Discretion is innature to our nature. Banking secrecy entails that your financial partner guarantees the financial privacy. Swiss bankers are bound by banking secrecy laws and legally required to compliant client confidentiality. This enables us to (partially) help with the wish to avoid being mentioned on lists or in future publications.

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