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Van Lanschot Switzerland: Your International Wealth Manager

We offer international wealth management services. As a niche player in the Swiss market our private bank provides solutions for international asset issues. Our services are meant for wealthy Dutch and Belgian clients and their capital structures with a minimum of EUR 1 million investable assets. We assist you in structuring your wealth, asset management, investment advice and financing. Your private banker can even advise you when it comes to special matters such as emigration, the purchase of a second home, the diversification of risks or your need for compliant confidentiality.

Our people speak your language both literally and figuratively. Many years of experience have enabled us to establish a large network of valuable contacts and we would happily introduce you to the right people.

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"An entrepreneur wants to invest the proceeds from the sale of her business. Perhaps she wishes to set up a tax free private investment fund, but more likely she is considering an international wealth structure. We have the necessary experience and contacts to assist in this process."

Jan-Willem Verhulst, Chief Investment Officer

"Sell my business and then emigrate. We hear this wish frequently. Don't underestimate the consequences and definitely consider Switzerland as a serious option."

Bart Jan Roos, International Wealth Manager

"Many of our clients spend their annual ski holidays in Switzerland. Naturally this results in many of them purchasing beautifully located chalets. We lead the buying process in the right direction."

Bart van Ulft, International Wealth Manager

"Recently a client said: It's nice that you have offices in both Zurich and Geneva. It's like having a piece of the Netherlands close to home."

Michiel Boere, International Wealth Manager

"When investing, return is important, but risk diversification even more - just like wealth protection."

Jac Bax, Investment Advisor

"Do you not need fame or publicity, but rather prefer discretion? Then you've come to the right place."

Katja Kok, CEO

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