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Banking services

Our offering
  • An online platform that you can use 24/7
  • Worldwide payments
  • Fiduciary deposits

Banking services for your convenience

In combination with your securities portfolio, Van Lanschot Switzerland offers you a varied range of banking services. Please contact your advisor for further information.

Our offering



When you open a payment account, we provide you with a comprehensive basic package. This allows to access your bank statements 24/7 via Online Banking and includes a very simple process for submitting domestic and international payment orders.
Fiduciary deposit

Fiduciary deposit

Swiss legislation makes it possible for us to offer you the unique service of a fiduciary deposit. This means that you instruct us to deposit a given amount with one or more (foreign) banks in the name of Van Lanschot but for your account and risk, allowing you to diversify your bank risk through one single point of contact
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