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We look further than just your assets

  • Securities-based lending
  • Large network for mortgage loans
  • Advice in your own language

    More possibilities than you might expect

    Are you a private individual or a business owner? And do you wish to realise projects? But also retain your securities portfolio? That is not a problem. We do not believe in standard solutions. We do believe in a personal approach.

    Our loan products

    We offer a wide range of products and services that can be used to actively address your private and business funding requirements.

    You may not always have, want or need access to the required liquidity. Or perhaps you require liquidity for private purposes, while your assets are largely ‘tied down’ in a company or companies or in other fixed assets. Or you believe in the power of leverage and the return on your assets exceeds the costs of a bank loan.

    We provide loans based on the assets that you hold at Van Lanschot Switzerland or elsewhere within the Van Lanschot Group. Should you wish to fund your liquidity requirement (partly) by means of a mortgage, then we will be more than happy to introduce you to parties that we know and trust based on past experience.

      Our offering

        • Securities-based loans
        • Introduction to Swiss mortgage loan providers
        • Introduction to specialists to help you achieve the optimum structure
      Sebastiaan Verschuure
      International Wealth Manager
      Exploring where our added value lies is a challenge I happily take.
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