Portfolio Management Smart

Invest according to a proven mathematical model. Opt for a mathematical optimisation model that will provide the most favourable diversification of your investments. Steer clear of emotions and everyday turmoil. This will give you peace of mind.

The advantages

  • The convenience of index investments combined with the peace of mind that portfolio management brings
  • Black & Litterman-model focusing on the balance between risk and return
  • Rigorously selected index investments, with optimum diversification across 19 different asset categories

3 steps to get started with Portfolio Management

Getting to know each other.

Personal contact with your International Wealth Manager

  • You discuss your personal situation, objectives and requirements
  • Together with your International Wealth Manager, you select the most appropriate investment profile
  • You receive an investment proposal

Determine what suits you best

You choose, we advise

  • Decide whether you want to add alternative investments, such as funds of hedge funds, to your portfolio
  • You and your wealth manager will discuss how and when we will embark on the construction of your portfolio
  • Wealth management à la carte is available for private banking clients with assets of €1,000,000 or more.

Your managed portfolio
  • Your portfolio will be actively managed, with a focus on return and risk
  • Your specialist will render account in the manner that you have agreed

Have we convinced you?

Put us to work and experience what portfolio management can mean for you

Would you rather invest together with a specialist?

Investment Advice
Would you rather remain in charge when it comes to your investments? In that case, choose Investment Advice. This allows you to combine your own expertise with the longstanding experience that is available at Van Lanschot. Rely on a solid sparring partner who will keep you on course to realise your objectives and fulfil your requirements.