Transfer details currencies

EUR: We are a direct member of Target2/Euro-SIC
Beneficiary Bank: FVLBCHZZ

CHF: We are a direct member of SIC
Beneficiary Bank: FVLBCHZZ

All other currencies or in case the sending bank is not a member of Target2/Euro-Sic or Sic the transfer has to go over SWIFT. Our correspondent bank for SWIFT is our mother company Van Lanschot Kempen: FVLBNL22XXX

Van Lanschot Kempen has their own correspondent banks, please find them on their website with the link below. 
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For incoming currencies over SWIFT the routing is as follows:
Pay to Receiver’scorrespondent bank X, SWIFT code 54a
Intermediary bank: FVLBNL22XXX (our mother), SWIFT Code 56a
Beneficiary bank:  FVLBCHZZXXX (us), SWIFT code 57a

Please find below an example for USD:
Receiver’scorrespondent bank: Citibank NY , BIC-CITIUS33XXX, SWIFT code 54a
Intermediary bank: Van Lanschot Kempen NV BIC FVLBNL22XXX, SWIFT code 56a
Beneficiary bank Van Lanschot Switzerland BIC FVLBCHZZXXX SWIFT, code 57a
in favor of the client account numbernamereference for the payment.